"B" 開頭單字及例句


be   be動詞相關字跟: am , are , is , was , were

[Ex] 1. Be quiet !

    2. Are you through ? / Almost

    3. Anything else, Sir ? / That is all for now.

    4. Are you busy ? No, not ready / not at all.

    5. This is Joseph’s drawing. You know it’s rather good for a five-year old


    6. Are you sure ? I am absolutely positive.

    7. Any news of Lawrence ? / He will be home tomorrow, I hope.

    8. Any you being served ? Have you been taken care of ?

    9. Hi! How are you ? / Fine,thanks.And you?

   10. How high is that tower ? / It’s 100 eters high.

   11. How old is he ? / He is ten years old.

   12. How big is the tree around? / It’s five meters around.

   13. How is business? / So-so.

   14. How are you doing ? / Couldn’t be better.

   15. How is your job going ? / it’s going nicely.

   16. How much is it in all? / Twenty dollars.

   17. How thick is the ice ? / It’s five centimeters thick.

   18. How is your food ? / Mmm,very good.

   19. How is the bath ? / It’s warm enough.

   20. Is this really yours ? / Why,yes!

   21. I am afraid of heights.

   22. Is there a bookstore nearby ? / Yes, it’s on the corner across the street.

   23. My back is itching( itchy ) . / My back itches.

   24. Nice day, isn’t it ? / It sure is.

   25. My stomach growls / rumbles when I am hungry.

   26. There were plenty of gold and siliver coins in the box.

   27. What is under the tree ? / A big bench.

   28. What is your opinion of this work ? / It’s not bad.

   29. What’s the temperature now ? / It’s 20 degrees C.

   30. What day is it today ? / It’s Sunday.

   31. What is this medicine good for ? / It’s good for a headache.

   32. Where are you from ? / Where do you come from ?

   33. I’m from America. / Which state ? / California.

   34. Who is it ? It’s me.

   35. What’s the English for this flower ? / Sunflower.

   36. Where is this bus for ? It’s for the Taipei Main Station.

   37. What’s for supper ? / Congee and pickles.



bear   承擔

[Ex] 1. We have to bear the blame.

        [補充]  1. Mrs. Ann Bader bears all expenses.


           2. Those bamboo beams will not bear.



beat  跳動 ; 敲擊

[Ex] 1. I felt my heart beating fast while I was waiting for the results.

               2. Please put it straight forward, don’t beat about the bush.

        [補充]     1. He beat his brother for lying.


2. The rain was beating against the windows.


        [片語補充]   < beat down >

1. 壓低

Competition should beat the price down.


2. ...的價

He was asking $5 for the dress, but I beat him down to $4.




become   變成 ; 合適

[Ex] 1. That dress is very becoming to you.

                2. It is becoming cloudy now.

        [補充] 1. Phil became acquainted with them.


2. It seems that he has become very fond of the boy.


3.She became a famous writer.





beg  懇請 ; 乞求

[Ex] 1. I beg your pardon.

[補充] 1. I beg that neither of you will say anything.


2.She begged him to remain at home.


3. From whom did he beg this money?





begin  開始

[Ex] 1. I’m beginning to lose my patience.

        [補充] 1. When did you begin learning English?


2. He is about to begin his term as President.


3.After breakfast it began to snow.


[片語補充]   < to begin with >

1. 首先

We can't go. To begin with, it's too cold.


behave  行為 ; 動作

[Ex] 1. John behaved badly to me.

    [補充] 1. The young lady behaved courageously in the face of danger.


2. The chemical can behave as an acid.





believe   相信 ; 認為

[Ex] 1. Don’t believe what he says; seeing is believing.

[補充] 1. I don't believe a single word he says.


2. We believe Mr. Smith to be innocent.


3.I believe he has come.





belong  屬於

[Ex] 1. I feel that I don’t really belong here.

[補充] 1. They belong to a younger generation.





bet   打賭

    [Ex] 1. Be smart, don’t bet on the wrong horse.

    [補充] 1. I'll bet ten dollars on the chestnut horse.





beware  小心 ; 注意

    [Ex] 1. Beware of the dog!

    [補充] 1. Beware of pickpockets.


          2. Beware how you handle the toxic chemical.





bind  束縛 ; 牽制

    [Ex] 1. I won’t be bound by any promise.

    [補充] 1. The contract binds me to complete the work within two months.

2. They bound him to a stake with a strong rope.





[Ex] 1. He is greedy, always biting off more than he can chew.

        [補充] 1. My sister's dog bit me yesterday.


2. He is about to begin his term as President.


3.After breakfast it began to snow.


[片語補充]   < bite off >

1. 咬掉

He bit off a large piece of the apple.





blame  責備

    [Ex] 1. What a disaster ! You are the one to blame.

    [補充]     1. He blamed you for the neglect of duty.


2.I don't blame you; I blame myself.


3.I am ready to take the blame for the mistake.





boast  吹噓 ; 吹牛

[Ex] 1. He boasts that he is an optoelectronics genius.

        [補充] 1. The captain is always boasting of his military valor.





born  誕生

[Ex] 1. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.

    2. When were you born ?  I was born in September , 1970.

    [補充] 1. He was born in 1921.


2.He was borne by Eve.


3.She has borne him six sons.





borrow  借用 ; 借貸

[Ex] 1. Could I borrow your umbrella ? Certainly.

       2. You can borrow it any time. That’s very kind of you.

        [補充] 1. How much have you borrowed from him?


2. Some of his ideas were borrowed from other sources.


bother  打擾 ; 麻煩

[Ex] 1. Shall I get you some coffee ? No,thanks. Please don’t bother.

        [補充] 1. I can't bother him with my little affairs.


2. You needn't bother to come to my office.




break  斷裂 ; 打破

    [Ex] 1. He is in the hospital with a broken leg.

           2. You broke the window, didn’t you.

           3. Let’s break the ice in this room, the people aren’t talking to each other.

    [補充]     1. He fell down and broke his ankle.


2. The plate broke to pieces when it fell on the floor.


3. Radio contact was suddenly broken.


4. At last Phil broke the silence.





bring  帶來 ; 產生

[Ex] 1. Could you bring us some more coffee, please ? Yes,right away.

        [補充] 1. The waitress brought us a pitcher of lemonade.


2. Please don't forget to bring your grammar books next time.


3.The success brought him great satisfaction.


4.War brings death and famine.





build  建造 ; 興建

[Ex] 1. Be realistic ! It is too risky to build castles in the air.

        [補充] 1. The house is built of wood.


2. You should build your arguments on facts.





burn  燃燒 ;

[Ex] 1. This curry is too hot. It burns my tongue.

       2. The burnt child dreads the fire.

       3. Don’t be reckless; you are burning the candle at both ends.

        [補充] 1. Dry wood burns easily. 乾柴易燃。

2. The soup was so hot that it burned my mouth.


buy  購買

[Ex] 1. He’s just bought a new car. What make did he get?

       2. I bought lots of presents for you.

        [補充] 1. Mother bought me a pair of jeans.


2. They usually buy with credit cards.




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