<A> 開頭單字及例句

accept  接受
  (ex)  Do you accept my invitation ?

act  行動
  (ex) This box will act as a chair.
          He acted his psrt very well.
          As the CEO is ill,Mr.Chang is acting in for him.

accomplish  完成
  (ex)  I have accomplished a difficult task.
          He is a man of various accomplishments.

add  追加
  (ex)  The loss adds up to over a million dollars.
           Don't add fuel to the flame.

adore  深愛:崇拜
  (ex)  I adore you.

admire  欽佩
  (ex)  I admire you for your courage.
          She is very much admired.

admit  承認
  (ex)  I admit my mistake.
          she has been admitted to college.

advise   勸告 ; 通知
  (ex)  I strongly advised him to take a rest.
          Doctors advise us on our health.
          We wish to advise you of the cost-down range in the following quarter.

advance  前進 ; 預先
  (ex)  As far as wisdom is concerned , we have not advanced much over the
                               ancient Greeks.
          Don't forget to make hotel reservations in advance.
          einstein was far in advance of his time.





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